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Private wine parties


Personal Wine Party

It's all about the life style; which  means parties and getting together over a bottle or two of wine. Your private wine party is and can be what you what it to be. Anything from the  girls or boys night out, to an event which includes food and music. Contact us via email to start the conversation.

Office Wine Party

Holidays make the perfect time for wine parties. Whether on site or off; nothing says thank you quite the same.  Best of all they can be scaled to fit your business and your budget. Email us to start the conversation.


We also do custom labels for weddings and other events. Something as simple as a picture on a label changing the way see the thing.

Wine Party in a Box

These are fun and flexible enough to fit any budget. Whether entertaining friends or family you can recreate the winery atmosphere in your own home.  Contact us for more information.